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Default Re: Should Fox increase the scale of the franchise?

Originally Posted by Thundercrack85 View Post
It's funny because in X-Men, Magneto actually had a pretty good plan. They actually cut a scene where someone gives a good metaphor.

Long story short, they mention how Christianity only became accepted when the Roman Emperor converted. Magneto's plan was to "convert" humanity's leaders.
Actually, I thought that Magneto's plan made no sense at all and the metaphor only highlights it. Most of the humanity's leaders are elected for a short term only, unlike the Roman Emperors, and are not absolute rulers. Might work for countries with more despotic regimes, but the main world powers, I doubt it. And how would the populations of their countries have liked to have mutants as a head of state and how long would they have lasted in power? And even if they kept their mutanthood a secret, why automatically assume that they'll be working for the benefit of the mutants, instead of, say, just keeping quiet about it and carrying on as normal?

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