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Default Re: Create-A-Hero RPG Season IV IC Thread

Originally Posted by NiteMare Shape View Post
Once Lyger was clear from the back of the stairway, he instantly reached to his belt, grabbing his grappling gun and fired a grapple line to the roof of the science building, hoping to get a better look at exactly what it was he was facing. Within seconds, he was atop the roof looking out at the chaotic scene that was unfolding. What he found left him standing there in a stunned silence.

Carnival goers were scattering in all directions trying to escape the onslaught. From the sound of the chaos, he had expected to fine half a dozen or so attackers, but was relieved that he had only counted four.

Four guys did all this? He thought to himself as he surveyed the damage done to the campus, most notably the ferris wheel, which had been knocked over and had crashed into the side of one of the dorms. As he looked at the mangled amusement ride, he saw that there was very little that he could do for anyone who was on it at the time of the collapse, and all he could do was pray that there hadn't been anyone inside the dormitory when it was struck.

Then something else caught his eye, near the entrance of the Library, one of the goons had a student cornered. He recognized the terrified girl as Mandy from his anatomy class. He didn't know exactly what the goon had in mind for her, but he knew that whatever it was, it wasn't good.

Lyger backed away from the ledge of the science building, and getting a running start he dove off the roof, quickly firing his grappling gun in the direction of the downed ferris wheel, swinging toward the mangled ride, then firing another grappling line at the library, and continuing his arc toward the girl's assailant. Releasing the grapple line, he landed softly behind the thug.

"I don't think she's interested." He said from behind the startled goon. He turned to face the new arrival, but Lyger laid out the attacker with a massive roundhouse right before the goon could see who hit him.

"It's alright, now go!" Lyger said to the frightened co-ed, and without saying a word, she did as he had instructed.

As she sprinted away from the chaos, Lyger was hit by some kind of energy beam that sent him crashing into the outer brick wall of the library.

"Ouch." he groaned as he sat slumped in a heap, using the wall as support as he tried to gain his bearings. He struggled to get to his feet, and as he did so he found that he was having trouble breathing...each breath felt as if someone was jabbing him in the ribs with a red hot knife. And as he tried to clear the cobwebs from his mind, he saw the other three gang members bearing down on him.
Lyger struggles to gain his bearings as the 3 gang members come to a stop in front of him.

"You know what I hate about heroes? They always get in the way...and they never know when to stay down." Said the first, a large bear of a woman who looked as though she could be the starting nose tackle for any professional football team on the planet.

"It's alright luv, I know just how to deal with 'em." Said the meta who had struck him with an electrical blast, as he raises his hand and fires another jolt, which Lyger avoids by diving out of the way.

The electrically powered meta fires off a series of blasts, all of which Lyger avoids by diving and tumbling away from the charges. As Lyger rolls to his feet, the other gang member, a large gearhead looking meta with long greasy hair steps up to meet him. He takes a swing at Lyger, but is met with a swift kick which strikes him on the underside of the jaw, sending broken teeth and blood flying from his mouth, and sends him crashing hard to the ground where he lays motionless.

"Get 'im!" The supercharged meta cries, and as Lyger turns to face the remaining gang members, the large woman charges him. Lyger leaps into the air, avoiding her grasp, but as soon as he lands on the ground, she has already charged him again. This time, he is unable to avoid her, and she grabs him in a bear hig and drives him back first into the security rail of one of the thrill rides.

Lyger struggles to free himself, but as he does so she bears down harder and as she does so, forces the air from his lungs.

"No offense'" He groans as he lays back and strikes her with a roundhouse right that staggers her a bit, but does not loosen her grip enough for him to free himself. So he hits her again, and a third time with a shot that forced her to lighten her grip just enough for him to wiggle free.

As Lyger frees himself from the brute of a woman's grip, the electrically charged meta begins again firing electrical blasts at him. However, instead of striking Lyger, he hit his cohort, taking her down. His misfire doesn't phase him, as he just continues sending blast after blast at Lyger, who manages to avoid all of the electrical charges.

"Hold still, damn you." The gang member curses as he sends another series of blasts toward Lyger, who again avoids them.

Lyger charges at the meta, leaps and pounces on him.

"GAAGRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!" He cries out as he is stunned by a bone jarring jolt that leaves him on all fours, gasping for air.

"Oh yeah...about that...see, you can't touch me. Nobody can, that's my curse. 'Course, it worked out just fine for me this time..." He says as he stands over Lyger.

He takes aim, and is about to deal a leathal jolt of electricity to him, when Lyger rolls forward and takes off, jumping and rolling away from yet another series of blasts, as he moves into the rows of game stands that line part of the carnival.

The supercharged meta follows behind him, taking pot shots at Lyger as the hero moves between isles all in an attempt to keep clear of his electric blasts.

After a few minutes, the meta loses sight of Lyger.

"Come on out, you're only makin' it worse for yourself." He says after coming to a stop in front of a row of several dart games, as well as a "water gun racer" game.

"What's wrong? Scared?" The meta taunted.

"No, not scared. But for someone with your skill set, you're not very bright." Lyger said as he popped up from behind the water gun counter and sprayed the electrical meta with one of the game's water guns.

"ARRRRGGGG!!!!!!!!" The gang member cried out as the water shorted him out, causing him to collapse in a heap on the ground.

"Holy worked." Lyger said in disbelief as the sounds of police and fire sirens grew louder and louder.

With the meta gang down, he slipped away to go back to the stairwell where he could change back into his regular clothes and meet back up with Erin and the others, and just hope that she doesn't ask too many questions.

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