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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by BoredGuy View Post
I'm all for original ideas, but like others said above, I don't feel some of those scenes would be right for Logan.

You said it's not torture, just molestation.. which is still a crime
It's psychological and emotional torture
for wolverine to watch yukio basically rape an innocent woman is in no way heroic.

I'm all for exploring sexuality and his violence, and other adult ideas.
But knowing Aronofsky's history with such subjects in his films, I think it would've come off too demented and uncomfortable.

Wolverine has the animal in him, but above all, he's still a hero.
Exactly. Wolverine's animal nature needs to be explored, since Origins thought it was fine to just say he was an animal in dialogue, but never actually make him do anything remotely horrible and just stand around and complain about other people being cruel. But, this script I feel just goes too far away from Logan's moral center for no real reason other than to explore themes Aronofsky himself relishes in as opposed to what is proper for Logan to be experiencing.

I love Aronofsky's work. He has made amazing films and I am very high on him as a director. But, I am also high on Ang Lee. Look how Hulk turned out. Lee tried to do something different with Hulk, but in the process missed the point of Hulk. I see kind of the same thing here. Amazing filmmaker trying to make a character bend to his will as opposed to exploring him organically.

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