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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
this script I feel just goes too far away from Logan's moral center for no real reason other than to explore themes Aronofsky himself relishes in as opposed to what is proper for Logan to be experiencing.
What do you consider a "proper" emotional reaction for a man who kills for a living watching his psycho girlfriend molest & seduce a random woman on a Tokyo train?

What in your opinion is he supposed to do to Yukio? Kill her? Tell her "stop it, Yukio, this is wrong."?

You bring up Wolverine's moral center as if its being compromised in this story, better yet - by this one incident, but I don't see it being compromised at all.

Aronofsky doesn't relish in morbid subject matter. He relishes in character exploration - which is what that scene is supposed to do. Show a man at his lowest point.

Wolverine's "moral center" consists solely of not killing innocents.

I can tell the whole thing sounds taboo to you - but taboos are exactly what this genre needs to break through.

Aronofsky delves deep into the dark passages of his character's psyches.

This is a story that takes Wolverine on a journey of existential discovery.

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