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More for the Batlobster;

The film would also have you believe that Dent's death allowed for the creation of a piece of fantasy legislation that somehow ended up cleaning up Gotham City. Even if you can accept that vague plot device, the passing of the Harvey Dent Act does not mean that a) crime was eradicated and b) that Batman would stop doing what he's doing. If anything, the problem in the last two films was that Gotham's police department was corrupt, and that's why a) people like Jim Gordon were so valuable and b) Batman had to work outside the law to get justice for the people of Gotham.

Meanwhile, the government has enacted “The Harvey Dent Act”, a McGuffin whose sole purpose is to tie this movie to its antecedent. We’re never really told what the act does or how it does it.

I can post more? Plenty of them out there.

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