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^ Fair enough, I hadn't read that article. But that first review seems to be doubting the potency of Harvey Dent as a DA and public figure moreso than questioning how the legislation would work, which is what we've been debating. For poor reason too. Dent was firmly established as a hero in TDK. Even though Lau's retrieval was shady, Dent was still the face of the prosecution and the guy who put his ass on the line by fearlessly prosecuting 500+ mobsters.

If one doesn't like the Dent Act, fine. But if they don't buy Dent as a "JFK" type figure then that's a problem leveled at TDK, because IMO that film firmly established him as that type of guy.

As for the second article- that is more in line with what you guys are saying. Your point has been made, so no need to post more articles (unless of course you want to). I stand corrected on the issue of this not being among the issues bloggers took with the film. It seems it is more polarizing an issue than I gave it credit for. The plot thickens.

Also, that third quote you added continues:

In fact, after the first fifteen minutes it’s never mentioned again.
Which is of course wrong. Just calling the guy out, not you Fudgie.

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