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Default Next Batman Film Franchise...

There isn't a place anymore to talk about what we want/expect from a new Batman franchise, so -- here we go!

Or rather.... Here. We. Go!

I'll pitch my idea for the next Batman film trilogy. It can't be like Nolan's. Nope, can't. No matter how much I love The Dark Knight Trilogy there is no reason to try an out-Nolan, Nolan. You can't do it. So, let Nolan's trilogy stay untouched, and do something else....something original. To that end...

No origin. Only in flashbacks. Two Batmans. You read that right....Two Batmans.

Both Bruce Wayne.

Let's have an elaborate detective story that stretches over three films in the next trilogy.

In the present, an older, grizzled, veteran Wayne is tracking down a murderer. Zsasz, Killer Croc, Mad Hatter, Calendar Man, could all fit in this role. Bottom line, introduce someone fresh and new.

As Bruce is tracking down this killer, he begins to find that there is a larger conspiracy in play. A grand mystery. Something from his past coming to torment his present.

Now -- it's up to Wayne to search through his past, his memories to uncover the truth in time to save the city.

We would have flashbacks to the past and see a fledgling Dark Knight Detective as he stumbles upon what he thinks are random acts, but turn out to be part of something much, much more. A plot that involve some of the Dark Knight's lesser known, or less exposed rogues. We can still give characters like Penguin and Catwoman their due, but also see characters like Deadshot, Ventriloquist, Deathstroke, and Zsasz. It would only make sense to have the Riddler be the mastermind of it all...but the who is not the overall mystery, it'd be the what and the why.

There is always room for references to other villains like Dent, Scarecrow and the Joker -- but there are ways to do a complete, excellent trilogy without them...

Can Bruce solve this mystery in time?


What this does is allow for us to see Batman's whole career in the perspective of three films. We can have the older, veteran Batman and the young, up and coming vigilante. We can have references and allusions to Robin, and we can flat out see him in flashbacks... We can see rogues from different eras of Batman and use them as they fit within the plot of the overall mystery. We can have Batman utilizing his detective skills first and foremost. We can do something completely different The Dark Knight Trilogy. But it could still be serious and dark and everything Batman -- but it won't be confined to any specific rules.


Young Bruce Wayne/Batman:

-Luke Evans-

Older Bruce Wayne/Batman:

-Ray Stevenson-

Jim Gordon:

-Bryan Cranston-

Alfred Pennyworth:

-Hugh Laurie-

Selina Kyle/Catwoman:

-Missy Peregrym-

Edward Nasthon/The Riddler:

-Edward Norton-



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