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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Alexei Belyakov View Post
Agreed 100%. I have absolutely no faith in Miller's screenwriting/directing skills.

Here's hoping they do & in a big way. Sex raises the stakes for any relationship. Naturally, SONY won't show the sex but at least they can make it a topic of discussion in the film.

Well, Selina did have some lesbian allusions in TDKR. I suspected from my first viewing that Juno Temple was her companion. Too bad they didn't explore that.
Frank Miller Is shadow of himself even In comics work.

Naturlly they won't show sex between peter and Gwen but you can show lead In to them getting Intimate and afterwords.

There defently were lesbian allusion In dark Knight rises between Anne Hathaway and Juno Temple.It was another missed opportunity.

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