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Default Re: Next Batman Film Franchise...

Pretty nice casting Robin. I've thought that Robin Williams would be a great choice for the Ventriliquist for a while now as well.

Here's my trilogy (subject to change)...

1st. Several months after the death of Jason Todd/Robin 2, a seasoned Batman has become more reckless and vengeful on his war on crime nearly killing Killer Croc in the process. Criminal profiler Hugo Strange comes to Gotham to do a case study on the Batman and suspects Bruce Wayne as being the Dark Knight. At the same time after discovering that Thomas Elliot is no longer funding the cryogenic preservation of his wife Nora's body Mr Freeze escapes the Arkham Asylum to extract revenge him.

Cameos by...

Jason Todd (Death in the Family flashback)
The Joker (Death in the Family flashback)
Nightwing (Stops Batman from Killing Croc)
Oracle (Heard communicating with Batman but never seen)

If I had it my way a Nightwing movie would come out several months later cronicling Dick Grayson's orgin from Robin to Nightwing.

I'll get back with you on part 2.

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