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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - Part 14

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
It would most likely come out in 2015, the same proposed year that Warner Bros. is trying to get the JL film off the ground. I honestly hope that they fail in doing so since I have no interest in seeing that film come together. Right now, a JL film could be a potential franchise killer for Supermanís potential film series.
Yeah I just can't see them bringing out both movies in the same year. So it feels like if JL comes out in 2015, we won't see an MOS sequel until a while after, if at all

Originally Posted by ElDuderino View Post
Well, hell, first there's the name. Wonder Woman? It's a terrible name. But really female superheroes are difficult all around. Particularly those that only wear red, white, blue and gold underwear. In order to have her make any sense whatsoever on film, you'd have to completely reimagine her character. But even then, I don't know what you could do with that name. I guess you could just call her Diana the entire movie and have her not actually be a superhero (similar to Black Widow).
I am not even a big fan of Wonder Woman, but I totally disagree with what you're saying.

A female Superhero wearing red, white, blue and gold? Yeah that's impossible. That'd be like man in blue tights with red pants on the outside and a cape! Totally ridiculous!

... ahem...

As for the name, I really don't see why Wonder Woman is that much more ridiculous than Superman, Batman, Iron Man, Spider-man etc.

And thinking that her world or her principals would pull away from the 'tone' is even more mad to me. In the JL, we have such a mixture of heroes from all sorts of different backgrounds, and connections to all sorts of different worlds.

It's just a lack of imagination to think it can't be done.

Also, i'm not sure what you mean about female superheroes being hard to do all around...

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