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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - Part 14

Originally Posted by hopefuldreamer View Post
Don't get me wrong. I don't want WW anywhere near Cavill's Superman, and I don't really wanna see this JL movie take form at all, let alone with Cavill.

But I just don't get what's so hard about WW, or what's so different about adapting her over various other superheroes.
Oh ok, I based my statement on a JL-movie with Cavill as Superman. Isnt that what they're doing? Setting JL in the same universe with the same "rules". Which in that case would make a character with WW's origin look really misplaced.

But if they'd do it in a non-shared universe far away from MOS, then yeah, let it all out JL-style. But it doesnt sound like that's what they're doing.

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