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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - Part 14

Im pasting this from the JL movie thread as it mostly pertains to MoS:

If MoS is as good as TDK or IM or TA or even SM2, it will be an ENORMOUS success. Box office success doesnt always mean the movie was great, but in this case thats exactly what it will mean. There is no reason why this movie shouldnt blow minds slash kick ass slash wow audiences, and if it does it will pass the "chicken feed" number of 400 million by the 2nd week (ww). If it doesnt, if Cavill is merely ok, if the set pieces arent unique and spectacular, if the pacing isnt quite right, if certain characters are miscast, if the film is humorless and takes itself TOO seriously, the movie will probably underperform.

If "everyone" likes it, the movie will make a ton of money. Thats how you will know that "everyone likes it". See? Same with word of mouth.

And I think its very strange that so many here are satisfied with a good (but not great) movie that almost breaks even, as long as its enough to make JL happen. I assure you that WB has a very different attitude, but to read from fans that they're okay with MoS being a mere catalyst for future projects is sad. If you are any kind of Superman fan, then this movie needs to be great. And if its great, the box office will be phenomenal.

Oh, and the whole "superheroes underperform in June" thing is utter ********. There is no logical reason why this would always be the case, and the sample size is way to small to draw any conclusions from past films. Again, if MoS disappoints, it wont be because it was released in June and not July or May (i think i remember a certain SH movie coming out in May that did pretty well). Also, the competition argument is even weaker. More pre-emptive rationalizations for failure. I don't get it.

Now, if MoS comes out, and the buzz is great, and the critics all love it, and the Superhero Hype consensus is that its a kickass movie, AND it still underperforms (under 500 ww) at the bo, then I will have to eat some serious crow. like a whole murder of crows. More likely I think is the opposite: the movie isnt that great, but it still does great business because of its groundbreaking effects or whatever. I don't think it HAS to be great to make a lot of money. But if it barely breaks even, or worse, this will be a direct reflection on the product itself. Theres no way in hell that a GREAT Superman movie doesnt make a ton of cash. Period.

I know this isnt the MoS thread, but all I care about is a great Superman movie. If we get a great film, this will bode well for a JL movie. One with an unprecedented budget and A-list talent across the board.

edit: my main point was that theres no reason to lower expectations for this movie artistically or financially. Some folks seem satisfied with a decent movie that barely makes its money back, which shocks me a bit.

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