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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - Part 14

Originally Posted by Rust View Post
From what we've been reading about their approach and from the tone in the teaser, it just doesnt fit IMO that is. I may have put too much into the whole reality-thing or I'm just misreading it.

I guess it wouldnt be very smart of them to exclude the possibility of Cavill being Superman in JL, so yeah, it'll probably make sense somewhere.

Like you I just want a great MOS-movie first and foremost, only I'd really dig an ultrarealistic spin on it for a change.

I'm tired...
I think a year ago when we didn't know much about MOS, i'd probably have agreed with you. But with all the talk of the Fortress ship, Black Zone prison ship, Zod fighting in some kind of mo-cap outfit, a possible army of kryptonian robots... I guess I just think that this whole 'realistic' thing has been misconstrued.

It'll be realistic in terms of the way people react, the emotion and personality of the characters etc... but the actual content of the storyline and background in the film seems to be very fantasy based.

But yeah, talking about it makes me tired too That's why I don't tend to go into the JL discussion threads.

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