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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
That sounds more like a scene from Ichi The Killer.

Nothing wrong with liking ideas from a scene, but basing the quality of the full script on a few scene descriptions isnt really fair on either side of the argument. Theres nothing really for people to judge except for the idea of the scene itself. Its very understandable to see why some wouldnt be keen on the idea.
People have become too accustomed to these characters being aimed at the kids. The notion of Wolverine having sex with Yukio onscreen, or of him watching her have lesbian sex onscreen still remains very taboo to said people.

People like this guy:

Originally Posted by Project862006 View Post
haha yeah that scene sounds awful yeah lets get the audience to root for wolverine i know lets see him get aroused by a public molestation

not only is that not wolverine that is not even yukio yeah she is a bit crazy but public rape lol i don't think so
"That's not Wolverine! Wolverine is a hero."

Well, this hero works for a crime lord in Tokyo. He kills for that crime lord.

How many heroes can you say the same thing about?

The Punisher is the closest one & even then - Castle wouldn't allow himself to be a hired gun. Wolverine is lost in Japan. The screenplay serves two purposes: to showcase how lost he is & how he eventually finds himself.

Truthfully, I'm not surprised people can't handle some realism in CBMs. Specially after 10 years of restrained adaptations that turned Wolverine into a pseudo-Captain America when in reality he's the very definition of the anti-hero.

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