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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - Part 14

Another way to frame it too. If you think of our world today on a scale as point zero. It is easier to imagine making contact with aliens, other worlds as point one. Yes it would change things making it seem all more unrealistic with black zero ship and robot armies and what have you but it still can all take place after today. But to take into account WW you would have to essentially change point zero and therefore it would not be the world we live in today as greek mythology and what have you is all real.

I thought the whole parts in Thor where the old astrologist guy said something like (not exact quote): "The nonsense he's speaking, Thor, Asguardians, it's the stories we read as kids" and I was like ehh. Didn't really work I thought. But that's the lighter more free and fun tone Disney/Marvel is going for which is great. I just like having the DC/Nolan movies more denser high drama.

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