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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - Part 14

Originally Posted by Rust View Post
That's what I want in MOS. The "adult" approach and with that you need as much "realism" as you can throw into this sort of material.
Just look at the raw grainy authentic footage in the teaser of the water hitting the rocks and the seagull to know what tone Snyder is going for. Even the final shot of him breaking the sound barrier on the way up. It's only cause we know it's not real that we don't consider how easily it could be passed off as. I mean we just saw Felix Baumgartner do the same thing (going the opposite way ha).

Slight tangent: Working at a mine I remember having lunch with the stereotypical 'tough' tradesmen back at the start of the year and we started talking about comicbook movies and they were reminiscing about running around as a kid with a cape on. (which I did as well, didn't we all?) That's why when I saw the teaser I thought that is such a smart way to pitch it to the audience. Cause that's what most people would associate with Superman I think.

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