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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - Part 14

Originally Posted by Rust View Post
You right. Without the solo-features there's not much meat on it. Not that there were much on the solo-features either.
There wasn't much meat on them because it became about building up to the avengers.

Think of how awesome IM 2 could have been if they actually developed whiplash and hinted to the 10 rings as this larger organization. The shield stuff just didn't need the screen time that it did.

Watching the avengers, I didn't feel like I really needed to watch the solo films in order to understand what was going on. In fact the solo films, IMO, didn't really add much to the viewing experience. Judging by the box office of the avengers most people obviously felt the same way.

All that said, the great thing about the way avengers was done is that all the actors, minus hulk, were the same.

Justice League will basically have one common actor, Cavill, should MOS do well.

If its money WB want, and lets be honest it is, they should throw a bunch of money at Bale to get him to do it. I just don't think a reboot will do all that well because batman has had 7 movies out and quality is a very difficult thing to keep up.

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