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Default Re: The Official Hellboy 3 thread

Guillermo Del Toro: 'Hulk' Is 'Inactive,' 'Hellboy 3' Needs Money To Get Started

Posted 10/15/12 12:00 pm EST by Josh Wigler in Dark Horse, Marvel, News

The outlook on "Hellboy 3" isn't much sunnier than it is on "Hulk," but del Toro at the very least is trying to get Big Red off the ground for a third film.

"It's hard to find who finances it," he explained. "It's the biggest chapter of the three movies. Hellboy becomes the beast of the apocalypse. We've inquired, but so far, if you know a rich uncle with $130 million…"

When MTV Geek's Steven Smith suggested del Toro consider Kickstarter as an option, the filmmaker laughed and said, "We would need a big kick."

Del Toro credited Perlman's recent Make-A-Wish appearance with the desire to make "Hellboy 3" a reality.

"That had a lot to do with it, frankly, for all of us," he said. "'Hellboy 2' was really tough to shoot. We're all friends, but it's so hard to raise money for these movies."

"I'm not saying it's going to happen," he added, "but we're finally trying."

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