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Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
I've found Crossbones to be a bit generic.

He works okay in the context of the storylines he's featured in, but he's always something of a plot device. Feels a bit "Bane/Talia" to me.

I would much rather see screentime given to a returning Red Skull and other classic villains.

Especially now that Bane has debuted on film, I think he'd come across a little less impressively.
Crossbones is kinda like Harley Quinn, he is interesting because he plays off another villain well, rather then just being compelling on his own. Crossbones works because he is Red Skull's number 1 psychopathic supporter, without Red Skull he is less interesting, Crossbones insane version of hero worship is what informs the character. I think the problem is it would be hard to recreate the relationship they have in the comics, Crossbones seemed to worship the Red Skull is "the baddest bad guy around" and movie Red Skull just is not as fearsome as comic book Red Skull, so its harder to see why Crossbones would see Red Skull as an idol.

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