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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - Part 14

Originally Posted by Smallville13 View Post
This is actually gonna be one of the hardest sells for Snyder and I thought it was something that Watchmen suffered from a bit. Don't get me wrong it's in my top 3 superhero films. But that film started with the notion that this is our world except history has just played out a bit differently in the last century. But then halfway through the film it's feet lose the ground a bit and the Snyder slowmo kicks in and physics become a bit more skewed.

I thought Kick-Ass suffered from this even more with the whole 'let's deconstruct superheroes and why they'd never work in our society cause they'd just die and gravity hurts'. Then suddenly a 12-year old is murdering '****s' (is that allowed in here?) and jetpacks and ridiculousness. The 2nd half of the film betrayed what the 1st had already defined.When a film goes through a whole tonal shift halfway it just falls apart.

Just because we're getting Krypton and Black Zero spaceships and robot armies though doesn't mean it can't be portrayed as realistically as possible. WETA knows their craft. And I remember Snyder quoted in an interview before filming started that they were doing a lot of research into the real-world physics and how all the fantastic elements would actually look.
You make good points. I remember hearing complaints that the fights in Watchmen weren't rough enough, that it was all slick slo-mo etc.

And there was a tonal shift in Kick-Ass for the second half that took something away, esp. with the climax.

As for making sci-fi "realistic"...Snyder did make a point of saying he was trying to do that for this movie. I guess it worked in movies like District 9, and we see evidence of Snyder trying to do that in the teaser- the cinematography, the shaky cam/zoom in on Superman flying...

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