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Default Re: Wolverine's Mask

Originally Posted by The Infernal View Post
No, I get what the scene is trying to do (and I'll admit that sounds interesting), but that has nothing to do with the costume itself. You would lose nothing in that scene if you swapped out Wolverine's costume for another random costume. The suit's presence is more or less meaningless other than an in-joke.

Personally I don't think the costume would look good in that situation since it would have to look like it's something appropriate for its use in that scene. It's not likely to look like a serious adaptation of the suit as it would have if it were actually meant for him and for the purpose of battle.
Thing is, Wolverine doesn't need a battle suit. He is the battle suit.

There's really no way to justify a costume for him. Singer vetoed the mask in X-MEN because he felt Wolverine had no reason to hide & gave him an X-suit that belonged to Scott. I agree completely with said decisions because in the real world Wolverine would never wear a costume.

That's why the opera scene works so well for me. Its an intelligent nod to the fans that doesn't take the story from grounded to nonsensical.

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