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Default Re: BEWARE Spoilers: 11.2 - DETECTIVE - Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

BTW, was the Batmobile (hidden) yet appeared in the first chapter of the first issue of Detective? Because we all assumed the Batmobile was the tank Nightwing mentions in that issue. Or does this Batman have BOTH a Batmobile and a Bat-tank?!

Just the suit, or Batman in general...?

I went to Kryptonsite (the only site I know of where Smallville fans are) and when it comes to Batman in Smallville, I got surprised reactions.

One thread I read there had a post where the guy asked about how long "Detective" was going to be (the thread was posted back in August) because he felt the comic, even though it was a monthly comic that still does what monthly comics do (with digital release difference), he felt that Smallville was now becoming a Superman/Batman comic and instead would want continuing stories of guest characters from the show (i.e. Kara, Legion, JLA, JSA, etc) moreso than anything Batman-related. He even said the suit made him look like a robot.

The rest of the thread had a mixture of people feeling the same, and others questioning why fans disliked at best the idea of Batman in the comic. I felt there were more people liking Batman in the comic than not, though.

As for the issues; each issue has had rating polls on this site too, and I checked them out. On the Detective arc alone, the issues were given mostly positive reactions, with more of a mixed bag reactions from certain people only in the beginning parts. Again, these issues were the digital parts, not the full printed versions.

PS Some want to have Wonder Woman now in the comic, as well as suggesting episode titles for her debut: Amazon, Myths, Sensation (like Sensation Comics, since Detective was like Detctive Comics for Batman). But, that's what I got.

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