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Default Re: The Official Bane Costume Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by VenomShock View Post
I live in Southern Canada. How much would over-night shipping cost? Or hell, would there be a flat price I could yank it with right away and any level of shipping that could bring it in on Thursday or earlier?

I really put this off in a bad way.

But yeah, your husband is a craftsman! His Bane mask is fantastic, can't believe it's a first try, especially since it's among the best I've ever seen.
He's fiddled with clay a little before, but I do mean a VERY little. I don't even remember what it was. Filling in cracks in plaster I think? Nothing like this.

He's always been VERY particular about his costumes, though. Last year he gave me two days notice that he wanted to be Alex from A Clockwork Orange. I had two days to make a vinyl codpiece. TWO DAYS. And we scoured the city for the correct type of suspenders. For a two day job without much chance to fix it, I think my codpiece turned out okay. Now that we've found his hidden talent, he's making me a weeping angel piece, I HAVE DECLARED IT TO BE SO. And he loves me, so I win.

Okay, okay I know I'm off topic. CANADA. Ehmmmm we're in VA, and I'm not sure if there's a flat rate price where he'd be obliged to say that yes, he's willing to pull it and send it immediately. I think he's mostly curious to see what price it goes for on ebay. ((I'm curious myself!) So far there isn't a single bid, but there are 20 watchers. It makes me kind of nervous that it's going to turn into a sniper war in the last twenty minutes that it's listed, and it'll only end up selling for 203.12 or something silly, when there's clearly some interest. I mean, 203.12 is still nice, but I WANT TO KNOW HOW MUCH POTENTIAL IS THERE.) He did turn down one really low offer already. (It was the initial bid ask and the offerer said his number had to include the cost of shipping. Yeah, that makes him not want to take a chance with bidding, sure!) Either way, I'm not sure he wants to take an offer with his first sale because we're not really sure what his masks are even going to go for. It's all a guessing game. And I'm sure if you offered an exorbitant number, he wouldn't want to take it because he'd feel like a jerk if his masks never go for that again.

So it's tricky. If you want to check shipping rates and stuff, he would probably consider shipping to Canada if you told him what options he needs to make available on the auction.

I wish we had started earlier, I'm pretty sure this vest isn't going to be anything to scoff at, either. Though I suppose if anybody wants it for conventions or collections, we could probably still take an order after Halloween.

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