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Default Re: Should Fox increase the scale of the franchise?

the BIG difference between the Batman franchise and Avengers with X-men is that both Batman and Avengers are known by the whole city/country. both the goverment, police and citizens know about them

The X-men are outsiders. And this has an impact on the scale of the movie someway. There is always a big villain in the movies, but the main threat of each sequel was only known by the x-men themself and the goverment. not by the whole country.

We can always have big sets and big action sequences, but if they dont show how the whole city or country is feeling about what's happening, the villain or his threat, the scale cant be the same as the Batman franchise, for example.

I could explain it a bit more, but Im spanish so its a bit hard for me, but I think most of you will understand my point.

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