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Default Re: Should Fox increase the scale of the franchise?

I actually wished they focused on outsides opinion of the X Men more after some of the larger events happen. Every cop and news channel should know about them especially after X3. But given they have been around from the 60s the population would for sure be aware of the team. Not like they were always full covert.

The scale for this film should be quite larger. Giant robots eradicating mutant kind is just as epic as an Alien invasion.
Originally Posted by Project862006 View Post
i know people hate the film but x3 was pretty big in scale
Yeah the climax is up there with most other comic films. If not grander on some levels. The taking of the bridge shows alot of the a city population which you dont see too much in the X Men films. Probably never took it to the inside of the city cause of budget reasons.

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