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Default Re: Should Fox increase the scale of the franchise?

Originally Posted by Lord View Post
I i think the Transformers 3 city battle was better, but because it's a michael bay transformers film it doesn't get any positive mention of that.
Nah thats not true, Bay has one of the best action set pieces out there in Transformers 3. I dont think anyone can deny how awesome some of the action is in those films. But Besides the drill bot scene , the city fight is a mess. Knocking out Optimus Prime every 10 min in a ridiculous way only to bring him back last min was sloppy and poorly done. Theres zero focus on the other bots or where they are, and then all of a sudden they are captured. They copped out just for shots to focus on Shia and crew running. There are def some great visuals and explosions though.

Avengers focused on what it should have for its climax. Transformers 3 didnt, and as a huge fan of the Transformers franchise I found it very angering. Transformers 1 had it down better as a whole on how to do a city battle imo.

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