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Default Re: IRON MAN 3 Trailer Thread - Theatrical TRL #1 To Debut Oct. 23rd, 12:01AM (PST)

Originally Posted by Raiden View Post
The preview for the teaser trailer is too brief, but I'm beginning to warm up to the new suit, although the one from the Avengers (Mark VI) is still his best-looking armor. I really hope Shane Black will do a great job, because fans are still dogging the sequel and what it could've been. I want RDJ to finish the trilogy in a bang, and maybe that's why he convinced Marvel to give the director of his movie "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" a try.

Btw, I wonder what happened to Potter in the short clip? Maybe she will be given the Rescue armor later on.
Nah. I don't think the preview is too brief.

Considering the teaser itself will be about 2 mins, I think it showed of enough. Any more would have been a bit too much. We're lucky to have gotten nearly 20 seconds.

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