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Default Re: IRON MAN 3 Trailer Thread - Theatrical TRL #1 To Debut Oct. 23rd, 12:01AM (PST)

Originally Posted by Son of Coul View Post
Haha so it was like nothing, but still nice seeing the look of the movie.

Worth noting: In the shot of the new armor,
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
the Mk IV's glass case has a hole and its head is dangling off.

Based on the Comic Con described footage

- We open with Iron Man putting on his new suit that he can summon through force of will (I believe this is the Extremis armor, but I don’t want to officially call it that). He has some pieces that don’t want to behave, and they start zipping around the room, smashing into things (Tony included), and he gets slammed with some pieces in his nuts and in his back, with the mask the last piece ready to strike. “I’m not scared of you,” Stark says defiantly to the hovering mask. The mask charges, Tony dose a sweet flip, the mask clicks on, Iron Man sticks the landing, and strikes a bad ass pose. Then the Marvel logo comes up.
The last part is in the pre-teaser.

Some pieces will fly into the hall or armor

It looks like we're getting back to the trial and error phase of the first "Iron Man" movie

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