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Default Re: IRON MAN 3 Trailer Thread - Theatrical TRL #1 To Debut Oct. 23rd, 12:01AM (PST)

Originally Posted by TheWiseGuy487 View Post
I'm getting a very "Iron Man 1" vibe from the footage that I see, which is a very good thing. It seems like it's going back to basics, while also doing something new and naturally progressing the story arc (pun intended) of Tony Stark. Not surprising, considering I read an interview that said he would be (paraphrasing) "going back to the cave."

That's one of the reasons why I was so disappointed with the 2nd film. The character never really had any sort of major struggle. Sure, he encountered Ivan Vanko twice (and took him down way too easily, I might add), had a little spat with Rhodey, encountered Justin Hammer's drones (also taken down too easily), and struggled with the reactor poisoning and killing him (also came out of nowhere and was resolved way too easily) but it never really led to any major conflict or amounted to anything. For the most part, he was so complacent and comfortable throughout the film. And complacent is boring.
My sentiments exactly among other things.


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