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Default Re: Erica Durance - Lois Lane : The Iconic Reporter

Fly through ten years of Super-hottie Erica Durance bringing heat vision to our screens as counts down Smallville's Sexiest Lois Lane Outfits!

The Playboy Bunny

Appearance: "Charade"
Naturally, the most subtle way for any reporter to get a scoop on a corrupt congressman is by jumping out of a cake dressed as a Playboy bunny. But hey, the folks producing Smallville don't exactly pay Erica Durance for her journalistic integrity.

The Fighter

Appearance: "Combat"
Once again, Lois must pose as a stripper as she enters the scene of an underground metahuman fight club, only to wind up roped into battle herself. At this point, she's had more of a career as an exotic dancer than an actual journalist, but if red latex gets the job done who are we to argue?


Appearance: "Isis"
Given the amount of times she's been possessed, knocked unconscious or unwittingly given super-powers, Lois Lane is bound to have 97 different types of cancer by now. So get her while she's hot, in her sexy "I've been possessed by Isis and am now an Egyptian hooker" look!

The Maintenance Girl

Appearance: "Veritas"
What do you think? Undercover journalism with Jimmy olsen by her side, or the start of the world's greatest porno? Believe us, the fanfic exists somewhere.

Maid Marian

Appearance: "Wither"
Sure she dressed as Maid Marian to compliment Oliver's Robin Hood outfit at a costume ball, but we'd prefer if she dressed as Speedy to compliment the vintage Green Arrow outfit Oliver was actually referencing.

The Card-Carrying Fight Club Girl

Appearance: "Savior"
Naturally, only Lois' editorial prowess could lead her to uncover that one of world's youngest billionaires had taken to fighting in underground fight clubs, as she sneaks in as the card girl to enlist his help.
It's cute in a Peg Bundy sort of way, but we'd prefer the typical bikini.

The Fifth Element

Appearance: "Facade"
We're not exactly sure why Dr. Elise Fine needed to wrap lois lane up in a skimpy medical-bandage like outfit in order to perform Kryptonite enhanced plastic surgery, but we're not one to question doctors' orders. Particularly when they involve dressing down Erica Durance.

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