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Default Re: Erica Durance - Lois Lane : The Iconic Reporter

The Showgirl

Appearance: "Fortune"
Having lost her wedding ring, Lois takes to dressing up as a showgirl to infiltrate the Casino where its being held, naturally. And if you think Lois looks good, you should see Green Arrow.

The Happy Homemaker

Appearance: "Persuasion"
Accidentally hypnotized by Clark's newest kryptonite-induced power (we know), Lois decides to quit her job at the Daily Planet and become the happy homemaker in an effort to have a more traditional relationship.
Why that means she'd travel back in time to get that outfit is beyond us, but there's something to be said for the doting housewife look.

The French Maid

Appearance: "Odyssey"
A little on the nose, don't you think? Does the Luthor mansion actually have maids dressed in the classic French style, that Lois could infiltrate as such in order to get information? Lex is pretty depraved, after all.

Witchy Woman

Appearance: "Spell"
On her 18th birthday, Chloe Sullivan and her closest friends Lois and Lana become possessed by the spirits of three witches, and run amok making sport of Smallville's men and terrorizing the town with their mighty powers.
Or something. Who cares? Look what they made Erica Durance wear.

The Prom Queen
Appearance: "Spirit"
Villains always whine about their "best." Superman goes home and f$%ks the prom queen. Or at least a possessed Lois Lane acting as his date. But it's not rape if the spirit is giving consent, right?

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