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Default Re: Erica Durance - Lois Lane : The Iconic Reporter

Appearance: "Spirit"
Villains always whine about their "best." Superman goes home and f$%ks the prom queen. Or at least a possessed Lois Lane acting as his date.


Appearance: "Stiletto"
Lois takes to her own costumed identity as "Stiletto" in an effort to attract the attention of The Blur, but with a latex get-up like that, that's not the only thing Erica Durance is attracting.

The Noir Singer

Appearance: "Noir"
Technically Lois' appearance in the Jimmy Olsen dream-episode "Noir" was actually in black and white, but Erica Durance looks good no matter what tint she's shown in.

The Scottish Lass

Appearance: "Escape"
We're all for a bit of cosplay to please a man, but how exactly was a Scottish lass look supposed to get the Man of Steel's blood pumping? Ours maybe, but Lois'd be better off as Wonder Woman. Speaking of which...

The Darkseid Dominatrix

Appearance: "Supergirl"
Once again, Lois Lane wins the prize for journalistic anonymity, as she successfully tricks Gordon Godfrey by posing as his limo driver, than as a masked blonde in a bondage club, after she'd had a full conversation with the man hours earlier. Whatever, she looks good as a blonde

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