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Default Re: Wolverine's Mask

Personally I think it's subjective. The mask didn't work for Singer, a different director might have thought otherwise. I disagree that Wolverine doesn't need a costume or a mask. I wouldn't say either costume or no costume is necessarily wrong, just that I would prefer to have it (and I've yet to see a convincing argument as to why it can't or shouldn't be done).

You can only get so much realism into an adaptation like Wolverine and frankly I think a costume (one that fits the tone of the movie) would be one of the lesser concerns when it comes to making the film grounded. If they can have Silver Samurai dress like.... well, a Silver Samurai, then I would find it hard to scoff at Wolverine having a costume (unless it was a bright yellow spandex costume and went against the tone of the movie).

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