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Default Re: Days of future past New and disicussion

I always try to go with speculation based on what could happen.

I previously said based on vaughn's comments that you could have a public attack causes the death of JFK which sets In motiong the sentinles post X2 or last stand.Even In original story the sentinles didn't come to power quickly.The story In comics went from 1980 to 2013.And the sentinles were mentioned as taking over at turn of the century.You could end film with attack preented but film ends with Magneto secretly causing JFK's assassination like In history books.It's a possibly of using JFK as target.They might not do It but they could.

Having wolverine killed In future would shock people.And If hugh jackman takes a small role It's possible.If he's not time travler we will get some wolverine vs Sentinles bet on it.

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