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Default Re: Next Batman Film Franchise...

All I ask is that the next creative team is not afraid to explore the lesser-known characters in Batman's universe - to a very advanced degree. I have yet to see a Batman movie where it truly gives the average-joe-movie-goer a general "feel" of the comics. Lucius Fox was a great start... but they need to keep going.

Leslie Thompkins
Harvey Bullock
Rene Montoya
Batgirl / Oracle
Black Mask

These characters have amazing cinematic potential. In a weird way, the movies so far have barely scratched the surface. We've gone nowhere with any Robin beyond Dick Grayson (and when we did have him, it wasn't good). Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Damien Wayne. One of them should at least be introduced.

WB should NOT be afraid of Robin. Embrace him. We should all embrace him.

There's just so much that they could do.

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