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Default Re: Next Batman Film Franchise...

Agree with all of these points. And I feel like a film that literally spans the entirety of Batman's career, utilizing an older and a younger actor as Batman would be the best way to present these characters as absolutes. They all just exist as characters in the world.

I'm sick of not seeing Robin in the films simply because we "didn't get to him." If Alfred can exist from the getgo, so can Robin. He is a character that is as much a part of the collective consciousness as Alfred or Gordon or even the Joker.

As far as the flashbacks, they can be anywhere from 20-30% of a given film and maybe that ratio can flip and one film in the trilogy is mostly the younger Batman. I just REALLY want to see that older, grizzled Batman who already knows it all and has been through hell and ready for more...

This kind of format can have Leslie Tompkins, utilize the entirety of the GCLD and introduce rogues without the need for origins...

Also, with an older Batman looking back on his past it opens the door for a very film noir, narration that would mirror the comics and could play very well.


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