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Default Re: Top 3 Favorite Scenes From The Dark Knight Trilogy

Originally Posted by Caped Crusader View Post
Haha. That is why I made it a top 3. Tough decisions.

Seriously, though...nice thread

3) Batman vs. Bane (underground/sewer fight) - absolutely brutal music is perfect...great all-around job of conveying how helpless Bruce is against Bane at this point in time.

2) Batman and Gordon (rooftop scene/Joker card reveal) - "A taste for the theatrical - like you," "I'll look into it," "I never said 'thank you,'" "and you'll never have to"...all great it!

1) Joker interrogation scene - "Evening...Commissioner"..."depending on the time, he may be in one spot or several"..."the good cop, bad cop routine? Not exactly"... "and then you let Dent take your place...even to a guy like me, that's cold!"..." complete me!"..."I'm not a monster...I'm just ahead of the curve!"..."you have nothing! nothing to threaten me with!"...the escalation of the Joker's theme as Batman loses control...just an absolutely brilliant scene!

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