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Default Re: Ok Guys...Shall we talk DVD/Blu-ray? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Joeyjojo72 View Post
I was the only one in my group who even knew what "quim" was. Two of them had English degrees, and it went right over their head. I actually gasped. Possibly the most vulgur line in a mainstream PG-13 movie in my recent memory. Kudos, Mr Whedon.

ps the "mewling" qualifier only amplifies the vulgarity. think im gonna borrow the phrase the next time a (male) friend is moaning about something or other - "Don't be such a mewling quim, Chad. She's not worth it." - in lieu of "whiney b***h".
I think you'll be able to catch most people off-guard with it and confuse them. Unless people look it up, most won't know how hard they are being insulted, if at all.

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