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Default Re: The Aronofsky Draft

Again, I agree that Logan's darkness needs to be explore.

But unfortunately, it should've been done in the last movie.

As it appears this movie takes place now in the present, Logan has to be more heroic
The X-men films put him in that place, so I wouldn't want to see that progression undone

And the thing that bothered me about the discussed train scene is that, knowing Aronofsky's past work, that scene would've been very tense and uncomfortable, not because lesbain sex is scaaary, just because that's how he films sexual moments, in very awkward, painful kinda ways.
Plus, I don't care how low Logan is, but watching a rape and doing nothing about it- or worse, getting off on it- makes you instantly unsympathetic. I could not care about seeing him redeemed after that.

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