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Default Re: Do you think the Red Skull will return?

Originally Posted by The Overlord View Post
I like those better, because I think they took more risks and were less PC then Captain America. Indiana Jones had actual Nazis in it, Captain America barely had any Nazis in it. Indiana Jones felt like the 1930s, with one or two fantastical elements thrown in, Captain America never left like its was in WWII.
Gotta agree.
CATFA felt like a de-fanged attempt at a pulp cliffhanger serial. The thing that Lucas and Spielberg had going for them was an actual sense of wonder, of fun, of roguish and likeable heroes involved in big, brawling and sprawling set pieces. CATFA was just about a nice guy who got superpowers and fast-forwarded through a strange and dull side-pocket of WWII.


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