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Default Re: Jean Grey in The Wolverine

Look people let's be postive.we have heard about one cameo.Famke Janssen.This Is far from the X-Men origins:Wolverine disaster.

We will have a WWII opening and then cut to peroid with breaded wolverine In canada that likely leads us to Japan.

Except for WwII opening the rest of film likely takes place post X-Men/X2 or X-Men trilogy.I hate to remind people but the original Wolverine miniseries the film Is based on didn't take place before wolverine joined the X-Men.It even has a X-Men cameo of them learning about wolverine's engagement to Mariko.

Famke Janssen Is eather going to be In a dream or hallunication when Wolverine Is seriously Injured or In last scene of film In a Days of future past setup.I am more inclined to believe a DOFP setup although I thought Lien Neeson In DKR would be In flashback with Marion Cotillard and not a hallunication.

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