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Originally Posted by Rocketman View Post
You know what? They should just use Batman: The Animated Series as their template. Everything was perfect. I still believe to this day that B:TAS is the greatest interpretation/version of Batman, ever, in any medium. That show gave us the best interpretation of Mr. Freeze, gave us the creation of Harley Quinn, had the perfect voices of Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy. It. Was. Perfect. And don't stop there. Use Shirley Walker's themes. Not the actual recordings, but incorporate her music into new material. And for God's sakes, get Bruce Timm and Paul Dini as creative consultants. Make them flesh out the story... And have someone else write the script. I'd even put Andrea Romano in charge of live-action casting. Screw it - take that whole creative team and just put them in charge of live action.

That show was perfect. Better than Burton, Schumacher, or Nolan. And it's the closest to the comics, too. And it wasn't afraid to be a cartoon, while also being serious, and sometimes downright dark - almost too dark. Darker than Nolan and Burton. I don't remember children being enslaved in the sewers by an alligator-loving pedophile in a Nolan movie, do you? (I would argue that he was a pedophile.)

The only honest complaint I would have about B:TAS (and this is a very minor gripe), is that they never really showed Bruce's parents get shot. It was always implied, and Mask of the Phantasm delved into Bruce's origin, but we still never saw the actual catalyst of what makes Batman Batman. That to me is essential, and they never did it. The obvious reason being that it was too violent for a cartoon to kill a mother and father in front of their child, probably.
I would argue the Arkham games have topped Batman TAS as the best version of Batman outside the comics because they literally brought back everything from Batman TAS that made it great (including the voice-acting) and incorporated it with the continuity and visual look of the comics. But I definitely agree with what you said. They should get Bruce Timm and Paul Dini to be consultants for the reboot just like how they got Nolan to be a consultant for Man of Steel.

Another good writer they could bring to write the reboot is Scott Snyder.

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