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Default Re: Bane vs Batman from BB and TDK

I think we have some major points that are being missed. When Batman travelled to Hong Kong to kidnap Lau, that was the height of absurdity, balls, and sheer determination. Batman risked his ass for what he so powerfully believed in, that the destruction of organized crime could save his city. To me the prologue to TDKR's is to show the audience that this is the level Bane is on now. He has a purpose and belief which he is fully behind and will go to any means necessary to see through to the end. I think the point of having Bane in the movie to begin with is to use him as a mirror for Bruce's pain. Bane is a man who can't take off the mask. Bane is Batman with no checks and balances and with no alter ego. He's freed of the problems Bruce has living with a dual identity because he probably gave up on any type of normal life long ago. All he has is his purpose. For me the point is moot.

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