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Default Re: LEAST favorite villain

Two-Face: Tragic story is given, but for the most part he's a campy villain always operating by twos. Batman:TAS made him a favor, and his TDK version is as scary as he should be. In comics he's annoying

Poison Ivy: I love how her counterpart in Devil may Cry 4 is sliced and killed
She's the annoying "Don't hurt my children you evil demented monstrous b******", and then she does all those experiments on them, sometimes she kills them on her own

Then there are lots of minor villains like Crazy Quilt, Ten Eyed Man, and a few more
.................................................. ..................

Signalman has a special place in my heart, that moment when Gordon wants to light the Bat-Signal to summon Batman, and is shocked to see him breaking the glass and jumping out before he turns it on is an awesome moment. Signalman's plan there is sound, so he is far from being in the list of my least favorite villains just for that moment

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