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Default Re: Speculation thread as to where the Avengers are

I dont think it will be like the Avengers are too busy to help.

For instances (and im just speculating)... That AirForce One scene with the people flying out...Iron Man learns about a plot to assassinate the president, gets his suit on and heads straight for the plane but arrives a little to late, thats when we see him fly to save some of the people. In a situation like that only Thor could help, SHIELD couldn't even get to New York to help in the battle!

That last shot in the trailer shows Iron Man in some desolate forest, so maybe SHIELD cant even find him. and in that since it returns Tony to the cave, because his on his own and he needs to figure out a way to make his suit work and to get back!

and since the Mandarin has been behind Tony's capture in Iron Man 1 and gave Whiplash some assistance in Iron Man 2, not to mention blowing up his home, possibly harming or maybe killing Pepper it makes it much more personal for Tony and maybe he doesnt want SHIELD to get involved or the Avengers, maybe he wants to take care off this guy once and for all!!

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