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Default Re: Speculation thread as to where the Avengers are

Originally Posted by Matarreyes View Post
Hi people! New here, just popping in to mention that in the trailer, if you watch carefully you actually can see that the reason the plane blows up is that the SUIT makes a hole in it... People fall out, than the suit kinda comes back and saves them.

Between this, and the fact that the suit is doing random things without Tony in it, I think Tony will get blamed for the attack or something. Then, SHIELD and everyone else in the world will actively turn their backs on him.

You might be right.
The Sentient Armor is definitely in this movie, probably as a side effect of Extremis, and the SA don't seem too friendly. So IM is probably blamed for the assassination attempt on Air Force One.

Also, about the helicopters: that's a surprise attack, so it's not like anybody (including Stark) is ready for it. It's three gunships disguised as news choppers buzzing Stark's Malibu mansion is probably a pretty common occurrence, so no alarm bells would be going off inside Tony's head.


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