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Default Re: Speculation thread as to where the Avengers are

Originally Posted by RaZaTrOn View Post
Well at the end of The Avengers Fury told the World Security Council something along the lines of him letting the Avengers go out into the world because they just saved the world and they deserve a break. So what if Nick Fury sticks to his word, he has zero involvement with Stark because he deserves some peace time, no spying, not a thing.

Then the Mandarin attacks, Tony is on his own, he can't contact people for help or he's too proud to ask because it's personal for him.
Even if Tony couldn't contact SHIELD, they would most certainly find a way to contact him (ala Iron Man 2), and plus, I can't see Fury just idly watching Tony get supposedly killed on his watch due to him knowing on how valuable Iron Man is to the world.

If anyone needs an explanation on where they were during all of Phase 2 prior to "The Avengers 2", it's the Hulk since he does not have a solo film to have his own adventures to conveniently preoccupy him from helping anyone else. Thor, Captain America, SHIELD can be busy with saving the world since we know what'll happen with Thor in his sequel, and CA is involved with SHIELD in his own, but by all accounts, Hulk doesn't have any known opponents waiting for him to keep him occupied and it be regressive for the character's development if the reason why he doesn't come out to help anyone is because he doesn't want to cause harm to anyone else considering what he did as the Hulk in the Avengers.

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