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Default Re: So Cap's Shield is tattooed on Mandarin's neck. Anyone care to explain?

I agree it looks like Caps shield and it probably is since Marvel loves to tie things together. However, it still could be a number of things really. I had mentioned a target a little bit ago with an "A" standing for Avengers, but it could also be a target with the "A" standing for America. I just hope that if there is a scene with Caps shield on the back of his neck like what appears to be shown in the picture that we have a clear understanding of it's meaning, because right now despite us thinking it is cool that they are tying Mandarin somehow to Captain America, the confusion could detract from the film. I guess I am just saying I hope it has a clear purpose and that it doen't come across to people just as an advertisement for Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Anyways its cool I just want it to be relevant in the film.



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