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Default Re: So Cap's Shield is tattooed on Mandarin's neck. Anyone care to explain?

Maybe the idea is that Stark keeps improving on his armor technology. Now he has the Extremis armor that responds to his thoughts and forms around him by though and he can control it from a distance. So Maybe the nano tech of the Extremis armor evolves into an artificial intelligence. It would be different from another armored bad guy if Stark has to fight his own armor. But my guess is its the Mandarin controlling the armor with his own Extremis (or maybe he is in the armor). Why does the Mandarin have a Captain America tattoo on his neck?
Maybe the tattoo is a visual way to show that the Mandarin has injected himself with the Extremis too, in his neck there. And maybe thats why Tony is attacked by his own armor and why Pepper is attacked in bed by the armor. I think its Mandarin using the Extremis to attack Stark, destroy everything he has and kidnap his love.

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