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Default Re: So Cap's Shield is tattooed on Mandarin's neck. Anyone care to explain?

Originally Posted by The Question View Post
Also, guys, there is another possibility: It may be a tattoo of Captain America's shield with an anarchist A in it, and it may be meant to mock America and the concept of super heroes, but it might not be a new tattoo. I mean, the Mandarin is all regal and classy, with a beard and robes and those rings, doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who'd get a Captain Anarchy tattoo. Unless, of course, he got it when he was an angry punk kid. Most politically radical people have been politically radical since they were in their late teens. Might be that he got the tattoo when he was an angry political idealist going to college somewhere, and his outlook and MO has matured since then.
I think you hit the nail on the head.
If it's a tattoo, it's highly unlikely he got it within the past year or two, either to mock or honor a *revived* Captain America. He most likely got the tattoo in a time when Captain America was still a dead symbol, a martyr for the cause (so to speak).

So yeah, given his age and Feige's vague description of his background, I'd say that this Mandarin is definitely a type of American old hippie radical who's always hated and mocked America, and now wages war on it from some stylized (and culturally incorrect, but he's too stupid and arrogant to know that) Asian-Arabic compound in China or Afghanistan.


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